Projektavimo sprendimų paslaugos. Projektavimo valdymas. Projektavimo paslaugos. Projektavimo įmonė.
Projektavimo sprendimų paslaugos. Projektavimo valdymas. Projektavimo paslaugos. Projektavimo įmonė.


Projektavimo paslaugos. Projektavimo įmonė.Projektavimo sprendimų paslaugos Projektavimo paslaugos. Projektavimo įmonė.

Yra projektavimo kompanija, kurios pagrindinė veikla – projektavimo sprendimų paslaugos.

Our vision is exclusive, high-quality and rational design solutions that meet the highest requirements. We aim to create unique buildings that meet the customer's requirements, buildings where it would be good to live, work, create - just to be.

We know that each client's project must be unique. We consider every aspect of the project from creative conception to technical implementation.

Services provided


Design proposals are the very beginning of real estate project development. Regardless of the scope of the real estate project being implemented, it is very important to identify all possible threats and opportunities at the very beginning, create a building concept (the idea of structural architecture and other basic solutions), examine the possibilities of connecting engineering networks and other important aspects that can influence the successful implementation of the project on time.

The UAB "City Projects" team has accumulated considerable experience over many years of operation and performs all (pre-)project evaluation work with high quality:

  • feasibility study/analysis;
  • investment analysis;
  • project proposals, general plans, solutions for traffic organization, connecting engineering networks, architectural expression, etc.;
  • preliminary coordination of project implementation possibilities in responsible institutions;
  • legal consultations on territorial planning and construction issues at all stages of project implementation;
  • engineering geodetic surveys (topographical material);
  • engineering geological studies.



The technical design of the building (hereinafter - the Technical design) is the main stage of the design, which is prepared as a single document that determines the essential, functional and technical indicators of the designed building.

The working project, the second stage of design or the continuation of the Technical Project, which details the solutions of the Technical Project and according to which the construction works are carried out. The working project is prepared as a single document at the same time or as separate solution documents.

When preparing projects, we strive to ensure that the project is of high quality and that the decisions made are rational, therefore we pay special attention to the management and coordination of project preparation.



This is construction supervision organized by the builder (customer) and carried out by the structural designer, the purpose of which is to control that the structure is built according to the structural design and that the structural architecture created in the structural design is implemented.

Specialists of UAB "City Projects" carry out supervision of the execution of all the structures designed by them, from the beginning of the construction of the structure to the final and complete completion of the construction works and its recognition as suitable for use.

During the supervision of the construction project, the construction project manager:

  • regularly visits the construction site, monitors the construction progress and resolves issues related to the implementation of the construction project;
  • checks whether the building is built in accordance with the requirements of the project solutions and technical specifications;
  • participates in the commission recognizing the building as suitable for use, if the building complies with the project.



We help:

  • clarifying the client's needs;
  • assess the possibilities of project preparation;
  • correctly form project goals;
  • evaluate the effectiveness and rationality of project solutions;
  • prepare technical specifications (technical assignment) for construction and/or design;
  • we coordinate the coordination, preparation and signing of servitude contracts;
  • we interpret legal acts in the development stages of the tender project;
  • in order to optimize project solutions, we perform various calculations, studies or simulations;

we represent the Customer in negotiations with construction contractors.

Projektavimo paslaugos. Projektavimo įmonė.Projektavimo paslaugos. Projektavimo įmonė.

UAB "City Engineers" is the strongest and most important engineering solutions partner of UAB "City Projects" and other architectural teams in their joint projects.

Services provided


  • Water supply and sewage disposal.
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
  • Gas pipeline.
  • Electrical engineering.
  • Electronic communications.
  • Security alarms.
  • Fire detection and signaling.
  • Process management and automation.
  • Heat production and supply.

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Projektavimo sprendimų paslaugos

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