Projektavimo paslaugos, Projektavimo įmonė

About us.

UAB "City Projects" is a company providing design management services with more than 16 years of experience.

We help real estate developers, architects to design future buildings in an organized and smooth manner and manage the design process, prepare a team of experienced project managers and project engineers.
If required, we can organize the design process using the BIM** philosophy.

**BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a process for creating and managing information on a construction project throughout its whole life cycle.


  • We prepare and coordinate projects of objects of various purpose, volume and complexity, starting from apartment buildings to complex administrative, commercial, industrial and storage buildings.
  • We supervise the execution of the project of all the structures we have designed, from the beginning of the construction of the structure to the final and complete completion of the construction works and the recognition of the structure as suitable for use.
  • We regularly visit the construction site, monitor the construction progress and solve design issues related to the implementation of the construction project in real time.

Dirbdami vadovaujamės požiūriu – viso projekto metu projektavimo įmonė „City Projects“ ir Užsakovas yra komanda, siekianti bendro tikslo.

Our approach to cooperation

Viso projekto metu projektavimo įmonė „City Projects“ ir Užsakovas yra komanda, siekianti bendro tikslo.

It is important for us to carry out design work with quality, on time, within the framework of the planned budget,, todėl esame parengę savo  įmonės „Projektų rengimo standartą” – šiuo dokumentu ne tik vadovaujamės projektavimo procese, bet ir su svarbiausiais projektavimo proceso aspektais supažindiname Užsakovą.

    Most of all, we want to be appreciated for our professionalism and quality of work. For us, professionalism and quality are about:

  • understanding the client's needs and compliance with agreements,
  • excellent knowledge of design process management,
  • thoughtful project solutions that are implemented on time and according to the planned budget.


We provide management and implementation services of the design process for business companies in Lithuania who want to build commercial real estate objects.


We aim to become the most valued design management company in Lithuania.

Advantages of cooperation with "City Projects"

Projektavimo valdymas. Projektavimo paslaugos. Projektavimo įmonė.

We take a broad view and think several steps ahead

• Up to and including the stage of Project Proposals, we carry out additional work that is usually done at later stages. 
• We help you realize
your vision and expectations;
• We prepare schemes
of possible options for outdoor engineering networks
plot, facades, floor
floor plans
• Dėl būsimo statinio
konsultuojamės su
prisijungimo sąlygas
• Skaičiuojame insoliaciją
(jei PPRU yra toks
• Atsižvelgiant į gaisrinės
saugos specialisto
parengiame sklypo,
pastato aukštų planus;
• Atliekame medžių
• Parengiame lauko
inžinierinių tinklų planą.

Projektavimo paslaugos, Projektavimo įmonė

We base the design process on analysis

• we carry out a detailed plan;
• analysis of engineering network conditions;
• we can also prepare a qualitative analysis of the structural part and HVAC solutions.

Projektavimo paslaugos. Projektavimo įmonė.

We use spatial modeling and design technology (3D, BIM)

• which allows you to effectively assess how the planned buildings would look in reality at the initial stage of the project ;
• provides an opportunity for customers to periodically familiarize themselves with the information model being developed and submit suggestions and comments.

Projektavimo paslaugos. Projektavimo įmonė.

We save the Customer's time

• Helping to implement certain procedural tasks, such as receiving the task of preparing project proposals (PPRU), ordering conditions for field engineering networks, submitting the project to IS "Infostatyba";
• We can estimate the preliminary cost of construction works based on the area of the future building and the description of the design task from the PPRU to the Technical Design stages inclusive.

Projektavimo paslaugos. Projektavimo įmonė.

Together with the Customer, we pursue a common goal

• we always practically implement the provisions of the Construction Technical Regulation (STR), if we notice discrepancies or possible challenges, we immediately inform the Customer.


Our cherished values

Projektavimo paslaugos. Projektavimo įmonė.


We take the work we do seriously;
We take responsibility for our decisions;
We follow the principle of "said - done".


We boldly express our opinion and accept another opinion;
We are open to innovation;
We tell the truth.


We do our job well and to the end;
The solutions we create are clear, understandable to everyone and optimal in the long term;
We see difficult situations in our work as lessons that grow us.


We listen to the client, we are able to quickly and intuitively understand the client's expectations;
We adhere to professional ethics;
Our long-term experience is the basis that allows us to refine solutions here and now;
We are constantly deepening our knowledge and striving to improve.


We are loyal to the truth;
We are honest with ourselves and our customers;
If we were wrong, we admit it.


in 2007

City Projects UAB was founded in January. Shareholders Mindaugas Zaremba and Gediminas Rimkus.

in 2007

In November, UAB TM Projektai. Shareholders Tadas Kiallo and Mindaugas Čiukšys.

in 2010

UAB "City Projects" and UAB "TM Projektai" start jointly preparing projects in Lithuania and Belarus.

in 2015

Agnė Ražinskienė becomes the sole shareholder of the company

in 2016

UAB "City Projects" and UAB "TM projektai" combine their activities.

in 2017

Tadas Kiallo is also appointed as the director of UAB "City Projects".

in 2017

The company begins to focus more on design management.

in 2020

The name of UAB "TM projektai" is changed to "City Engineers".

in 2022

UAB "City Projects" and UAB "City Engineers" start operating as one company UAB "City Projects".

in 2022

UAB "City Projects" is finally realizing its specialization - design management.

Our team

We are:

              • maximalists in every detail to be the best!
              • ambitious team looking for rational and advanced solutions.
              • a strong and united team.
              • smart solutions team.
              • like a coordinated orchestra, the sound of which is the result of prepared projects.
              • as the path of life. We are like a neatly laid cobblestone path - all together, we are a smooth, straight path; taking out one of ours makes the trail less cohesive.
Project manager

Tomas Savukynas

Project engineer (VN PDV)

Eva Staškevičienė

Project engineer

Sandra Markutė

Engineer (VN PDV)

Vaiva Antanavičiūtė

Assistant manager

Simona Konoverskytė